Online contest of illusionists Gambler World 2018

Online contest of illusionists Gambler World 2018



About the contest
The terms of participation
Our jury

The filing rules
Preliminary selection
1 round of competition
Round 2 of the competition
Round 3 of the contest
The final

About the contest


Dear friends, we are pleased to present to your attention the Online Contest of Illusionists Gambler World 2018.

Anyone can take part in the contest from anywhere in the world, without age restrictions! All contestants can take part in one or two nominations simultaneously. You are required to fulfill the conditions for participating in the competition and to participate, and we in turn prepared excellent prizes for the winners of the competition.

In each of the nominations there will be three prizes and a prize of audience sympathy. All the videos of the participants will be posted on the channel on YouTube, and the received scores for the competitive tours will be posted on this page.


List of nominations for participation: 

  1. Micromagic
  2. Cardistry

All applicants will be evaluated at all stages of the competition by four criteria:

  1. Technique
  2. Originality
  3. Submission
  4. Overall Impression

The terms of participation


  • Registration and participation in the contest is absolutely free and begins July 1, 2018 at 00:00 hours in Astana time (GMT + 6).
  • To participate in the contest, you must submit an application for participation in the competition (see The filing rules).
  • Applications for participation in the contest will be accepted until July 31, 2018 23:59 Astana time (GMT + 6).

Our jury


Igor OvseychikFinalist of the project "Surprise me."
The author and presenter of the TV project "Magic".
The world champion in extreme card manipulation 2011.
Ruslan IvanchenkovVice-president of the Kazakhstan Club of Conjurers.
The record holder of the Guinness Book of Records - during five hours in non-stop mode showed tricks.
Sergey RysThe founder of the online store Gambler World.
Co-organizer of the contest of magicians from the online store and 2011.
Organizer of the online illusionist competition Gambler World 2018.

The filing rules


To apply for participation in the contest all applicants must fulfill the required conditions:


Register in the online store Gambler World under the link.

Write a letter to our special mailbox:

In the letter it is necessary to send information about yourself (for example see below) and a video according to the chosen nomination of participation.

An example of an application for participation in the competition:

1. FULL NAME. (Ivanov Ivan)

2. Date of Birth. Age. (21.12.1995, 22 years old)

3. A country. City. (Kazakhstan, Astana)

4. Selected nomination. (Micromagic, Cardistry)

5. Briefly about yourself.

6. Photo.

7. The selection round video for the chosen freestyle nomination (in free style and at your discretion, what to show and how to show, full freedom of action is given) in the format mp4, H264 and others with a resolution of 720p (indication of watermark or screensaver: "Specially for the competition Gambler World 2018 "is welcome) If you choose to participate in two categories, you need to send two videos, each for its nomination.

P.S. The mail box from which the application for participation is sent and the mail box specified during registration in the online store must match!


Yes, strength will come with you and let the strongest win!!! Good luck !!!

Preliminary selection

According to the results of the preliminary selection, 4 participants were admitted to the competition, the rest sent their applications with gross violations and were not allowed to the contest (mostly mistakes were associated with video files, in most cases the video was of too poor quality and it was unclear on the video what the applicant and that he wants to show the jury).

Due to the fact that there are not enough eligible participants to participate in the competition, the jury decided to extend the registration for the competition and to allow those participants who made mistakes in registering to correct themselves and send the application again to our mailbox. And also, there is an opportunity for those who did not have time to apply, do it!


List of admitted participants:

Member number The photo Full name Date of Birth Locality Nomination About myself
1 Te Ruslan Alexandrovich


8 years old

Kazakhstan, Astana

Kardistri I am engaged in cards for 3 months, I want to become a magician.
2 Baitursynov Berik Nursilemuly


15 years old

Kazakhstan, Ayagoz Micromagic I study. I eat, I sleep I want to see my skill
3 Kuanyshbaev Amir Erbolovich


22 years old

Kazakhstan, Aktobe Micromagic Illusionist, in this art about 8 years
4 Zheludkov Anton Andreevich


17 years old

Kazakhstan, Zhezkazgan Micromagic Enrollee. I got carried away by card manipulation half a year ago when I saw a video on YouTube

P.S. All video content sent by participants to our contest will be posted on the YouTube channel of the contest and on this page, after the end of each round.

We are waiting for you dear applicants for registration and remind that anyone can participate: a country, a city, language, color and religion, do not matter!

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