Plastic playing cards speak for themselves! These are very durable and durable cards that are suitable for both poker games, and for displaying tricks and various tricks, fluorides, scraps, shuffles, etc. Often plastic cards can be washed and on some it is impossible to put a mark (crap) with a nail.

Durable, Washable Plastic Playing Cards. Each deck has more that 50 hours of continuous play! These bicycle backed cards are 100% Plastic and are officially printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company. They can be used in any number of card routine
Brend: United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)
Color: Red
Size: Случайный
Size: Poker
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This is a pack of 100 Black New Deck Stickers. These were printed in the USA. Perfect to re-seal your gaffed decks, Invisible Decks or other secret decks. It's also ideal for when you've put your deck in a "special order" -- it makes the deck look br

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