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Exchange and refund

1Gently pack the goods in the original packaging in a complete set including labels, attachments, instructions (the goods supplied in the kit must also be returned in the kit).
2Fill in the return application attached to the order.
3Attach a copy of the packing slip or check and indicate the method of refund (postal transfer or transfer to a bank account - Payment only for the name of the order that was ordered).
4Send the parcel to the following address:
010002, Astana, ul. Kravtsova 2/1 kv.53, TOO "Mind Source".
5After sending the parcel, let us know about it by writing an e-mail: support@gambler.world

Reasons for return and exchange of goods

The buyer has the right to exchange or return non-food goods of the proper quality in our store, if it was not in use, keep its presentation, consumer properties, seals, labels, and there is a document confirming the purchase of the goods within thirty calendar days.

With the remote method of sales, the date for the delivery of the goods is the date the goods are delivered to the buyer in the post office or courier.

Goods not subject to refund: 
Some quality categories of goods are not subject to return and exchange, they are specified in Article 30 in paragraph 1 in the version of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of 29.12.14 No. 269-V.

  • medicines, medical products;
  • underwear;
  • hosiery;
  • animals and plants;
  • for example, fabrics made of all kinds of fibers, knitted and curtain fabrics, artificial fur, carpet products, nonwovens, tapes, laces, braids, wires, cords, cables, linoleum, baguette, film, oilcloth.

This list indicates the impossibility of returning goods of proper quality, having individually-conditioned properties, if such Goods can be used only by the consumer purchasing it. In order to return the goods, you need to submit a document confirming the fact and conditions for its acquisition, as well as to fill in the application for the return of the goods.


Return of the Goods, in case of detection of deficiencies related to non-compliance with the terms of the Order, arising through the fault of the Seller:

In the event that the Goods are delivered to you with partial non-observance or in violation of the terms of the Order due to the Seller's fault regarding the assortment, completeness, quantity of the Goods, you have the right to notify the Seller (not later than seven calendar days after receipt) of these violations and demand their elimination.

Also, you have the right to refuse the goods and return the money paid. In this case, the Goods must be returned to the Seller with preservation of the original product presentation, its consumer properties, seals, factory labels. In order to return the goods, you need to submit a document confirming the fact and conditions for its acquisition, as well as to fill in the application for the return of the goods.

Return of money or exchange of goods is carried out only after the receipt of the goods by the online store and checking it for serviceability, in the presence of full factory equipment, a completed application for return or exchange, as well as verification of compliance with the requirements for presentation. An obligatory condition for the exchange or return of goods is the presentation of an identity card (a copy of both sides of the document). In the event of an exchange of goods or return, the payment for the delivery is made at the expense of the buyer.

o get acquainted with the full version of the law on consumer rights and get expert advice, you can click on the link: